Woodard Motors in Fletcher, NC SUCKS

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To make a very long story short, they sold me a car that had an oil leak, I bought a warranty and they never paid the company so I have been paying for a warranty for 5 months that doesn't exist.I demanded that the fix the numerous problems with the car and they sent my car to "their mechanic" (Worley auto repair in fletcher sucks too) who DID NOT fix anyhting even though he had my car for a total of 14 days!!!

I warn everybody to not even think about buying a car there!!!!And they NEVER call you back

Review about: Unfair Car Sale.



I would like to write an apology for my first post since I wrote it.Although both businesses mentioned to have a few lemons that's common for any business and both are actually good people and I should have never said anything about how they chose to run their businesses.

I feel terrible for acting impulsively during a minor feud and hope that if this is ever seen they can ignore it.I hope anyone who sees this understands that you can not please everyone at once and calling someone a crook for it as I did isn't right.


After reading these comments I would just like to say one thing.Woodard Motors was previously located on 3162 Hendersonville Road.

Sam Woodard retired retail and moved on to wholesale, his previous location is now an ENTIRELY different business that offers the same type of financing but with better inventory. Woodard is nothing but a crook as well as Mr. Dennis Worley which is why we have no association with them whenever possible, Mr. Woodard does use the back office in the building on 3162 Hendersonville Road but have nothing to do with the vehicles WE keep.

Toms Auto Sales is the new business and after seeing these reviews I realize why its been to hard for us with their shady reputation giving US a bad name.:(


I Completely AGREE!They might as well be selling junk cars!

The car I car I bought from them a year ago already has had numerous problems I had to fix which included: alternator, tires, o2 censor, fuel pump, and now a timing belt.If you dont want to throw away your money don't waste your time @ woodard.


WOODARD MOTORS hasen't even been in business in the same name for 15 years because they are such crooked bottom feeding, blights on this small community that they must change their business name, over and over again.Their mechanic dennis woorley, is a joke and a theif.

he claims to do work, but in all actuality he takes your money, sometimes damages your vehicle and is imcompetant. He took money from me, and never touched the vehicle, he actually cleaned off the part that needed replaced and said he replaced it. 3 weeks later I took my car into a real mechanic and he repalced the same part. please please please, stay far away from these people and ALL of their affiliates.

the sad thing is, most of their clients have bad credit so they feel like they can ONLY get a car from these low-lifes.If you value your money DO NOT spend it here.


I hate to hear when people have bad experiences but I bought a truck from Woodard Automotive and it was a very pleasant experience and they were great to work with me even though I did not have alot to offer. I have plans on purchasing another vehicle from them soon :)


I have known and worked for Woodard Motors for over 15 years and yes they have had their share of problems in the past but they now have a very good crew working for them now. They will work with any customer that has a problem as long as the customer is willing to work with them. And this is in response to pissed who told you the car was illegal?


I bought a car from them as soon as I got it home it started boiling over i took it back it was the ac and it had messed up alot of stuff they sent it to the macanic it took 21days to get my car back when I went to talk to them whrn am i going to get my car it was always tomarrow it still not right its a joke if this place has so many complaints why is it still open they are just like cars of america that was in hendersonville that got shut down a scam


NEVER EVER BUY FROM HERE they sold me an illegal car and when i told them about it they denied i even bought it there.... horrible horrible place please im not just some mad consumer that did this honestly 3 people i know bought from them and the transmission fell our within 2 months.... please for your sake dont do this its hard to get a car these day and age dont get screwed

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